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Hey All,

Here is my opinion on what you can do to improving your catch rate on the Bullseye Snakeheads we have here in Broward County Florida

Do not bring a pocket knife to a gun fight. I have watched some of the video's of guys catching snakheads here and the tackle is just not sufficient for qty, or landing really big snakeheads consistently. I use a 7 foot heavy action BP Extreme Series flipping stick with a Ambassador 5500C3, fully spooled with 80 pound Power Pro moss green when chasing record class snakeheads, which is most of the time when targeting snakehaeads. Maybe a bit a extreme but I have broke off on a lot of record class fish on lighter tackle. When having fun with my girls we use 65 pound Power Pro and a 6'6" medium action rods. Most of your store bought frogs you will have trouble casting with this set up but The Frog is 4 3/4 inches, heavy, rounded so it does not catch the wind like most of the flat frogs you can buy in a store.

When chasing record class fish I use minimum of 6/0 Owner wide gap, or Gamakatsu 6/0 EWG Monster. I just started using a 7/0 Owner on The Frog and they are sticking them really good. When out having fun with my girls we use a Peep Toads and 5/0 owner wide gap.

Notice I did not mention any leader or swivels, with straight 80 pound braid it is not needed, so when that fish spins up in your line no need to worry, they can run into the rocks, tree's, culverts, sprinkler pipes whatever they want and you will get them out and on the bank, 80 pound Power Pro it just does not break. Keep in mind the more connections between you and the fish and the longer the fight the bettuer chances of something failing.

Tip on using The Frog or Peep Toad, when you see the fish chasing it down do not stop, in fact give it a couple quick cranks get that reaction strike. I find stopping the bait only works on fish with little to no pressure. Find a spot that is virgin water and just about any retrieve or any top water bait will catch them. One very important tip once you get a strike on the retrieve give a 1,2 count then hit it, not 1 one thousand, 2 one thousand just 1,2. I am sure most of you notice the snakehead strikes right off the shoreline coming from 90 degrees on to your bait, getting it sideways, the little 1,2 count gives them time to inhale the bait, any longer than that and they can spit it. When setting the hook lay into them lik1) e you were hooking Moby Oscar mayer, these fish have a very solid and bony mouth, that is why a lot become one eyed, that is the only soft spot for a hook to penetrate, and surprisingly the ex tterior jaw is very weak and tears easy, so if the snakehead does not have the bait fully swallowed the hook will tear out. 

Take long cast, be quiet and walk as softly as you can, these fish are super sensitive to vibration, and they have great eyesight so wear natural colors or sky blue. Pay attention to what is going on in the water, the big splashes of fish gulpling air are most likely cat fish not snakeheads, snakeheads are very stealthy and suttle. Do not waste a lot of time at each spot, take a few cast if you are fishing the canal mouths if they are there and hungry you will get a strike. If you are fishing a spot that you can walk a bit take a cast then walk to just about the end of your cast and then take another move quick no need to finesse fish for snakeheads if there is one in the area it will hit or move on the bait, contrary to popular belief you can get them to hit twice if you are quick enough. 


Make sure to make your outing is when we have had a few consistent days of weather. I will not start fishing until 10am then the rest of the day is good if a front does not roll in. Warmer days use The Frog or Peep Toad, colder days spinner baits but that can get real expensive, think I spent $300 on spinner baits last winter. I have had the bite going off and the wind shifts (sign of a pressure change) bite shuts down. 

The Frog or Peep Toad and Spinner baits depending on the water temperature, again watch for late fronts rolling in once they come in the bite is done
Late Spring, Summer, early Fall is Prime Time

The Frog or Peep Toad #1 bait running about a foot off the shoreline, either inside the weed edge or just outside the weed edge,running it on top, anytime you can fish you should be able to catch them.  

Moon Phase/Set/Rise

Best times seem to be the back side of the full moon, When the moon is rising, Up all day, and setting.

Night fishing

Yes they bite at night but it needs to be about 30 minutees after sunset, and let me tell ya nothing like using the jedi senses when you hear the smack of a snakehead slamming the bait. 

This should be enough information to get everyone that is not consistently catching snakeheads to improve their catch rates, and landing bigger fish.

Good Luck, Tight Lines, and Screaming Drag

Any questions contact dan@jdscustombaits.com or jdscustombaits@gmail.com

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