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We have been fishing for over 40 years now. My father,Tony Bieniek taught us everything we needed to know about fresh water fishing including how to make our own worms. He was one of the best bass fishermen in the state of Florida in the late 70's and early 80's. He was in the top six of the Florida BASS Federation many years in a row, placed top angler of the year many times in the Happy Hookers local bass club, and also qualified to fish in B.A.S.S. tournaments around the country. He got me involved in fishing tournament's when I was a just a kid and we usually placed in the top ten - fifteen with the occasional win. In 2005 my father passed away and I lost my passion for bass fishing and started Sword fishing. Over the past few years I had my share of catches up to 350+ pounds. My friend Jason continued to fish in bass tournaments and asked if I was ready to come back to the Glades and start fishing tournaments, I agreed and he started getting me back in tournament condition. It was tough, I had forgotten how much effort and hard work is involved in bass fishing.
We use a tough blended grade of soft plastic that has great flexibility with enough strength to fish the heaviest vegetation you dare. There is no salt as a filler so you get a quality pure soft plastic bait. We do add your choice of color, glitter, and our special blend of scent. The scent  is cooked into the baits so they are ready to use without getting your hands oily from what other manufactures have added to them to keep there baits from sticking together in the bag. We leave over pours and small defects in the baits, you may choose to pull or cut them off but we like to leave the imperfections and the guys that have field tested our baits do not seem to mind, since it does make the baits look injured; and we all know in nature only the strong survive and the weak get eaten. Even the The MW 11.5 inch worm we modified the back half of the mold to look like it has already been chewed on. Remember, when you could us a worm for more than one fish and once you caught the first one it seemed to work better after the bait was a bit mangled. If not, we did and we added this feature to The MW. We do not carry a large supply of stock baits since the idea of JD's Custom Baits is to produce a bait that you the consumer would not normally find at a store. The style will be of the molds we have available but the colors will be unique to your preference. You can save these worms if your color works and we can melt it down or make a new batch for you whenever the need arises. 
We can usually make a normal sized order of baits in a night so there should not be a long wait to get your product. 

Tight Lines,
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